Cd's van 3 euro pagina 2

Op deze pagina vind je terug de 3 euro cd's waarvan de artiesten een beginletter L tot en met Z hebben.

Lady Gaga Born this way 2 x cd  
Lady Gaga The Remix  
Lady Gaga The Fame 3x
Lady Gaga The Fame Monster  2 x cd  
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Inala  
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Raise your spirit higher 2003-USA
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Journey of dreams USA
Laura Pausini Laura Pausini 1993 - Eu
LeAnn Rimes LeAnnRimes 1999 - USA 
Lee Clayton The essential Lee Clayton 2001
Leftfield Leftism 1995 - Eu
Level 42 Running in the Family  
Life & Opwekking Secrets 2003 - Nld 
Lionel Richie Dancing on the ceiling 1986 - Eu
Little Axe Slowfuse 1996-Eu
Little Richard 22 classic cuts  
LIVE Awake - the best of LIVE 2004 - Europa
Living Colour Time' s up 1990-Eu
Lois Lane Lois Lane 1989 - Nld 
Lonnie Brooks Bayou Lightning Dld 
Lou Rawls The Collection 1989 - Nld 
Louis Armstrong What a wonderful world Dld
Louis Armstrong E.f.s.a. collection 1996 - Europa 
Louis Armstrong What a wonderful world 1988 - Europa 
Lucie Silvas Breathe in    2006 - Eu  rare   
Luther VanDross Your secret Love 1996 - Eu
Lynyrd Skynyrd Icon  
Madonna  Take a bow limited Edition cd s  
Mahalia Jackson Greatest Hits 1988-Nld 
Mahalia Jackson  Portrait 1986-Dld
Maki Ishii Circle percussion & Gagaku Ensemble 1988 - Nld 
Mala Vita En Exilio 2009 - Nld
Malando  The complete Malando de luxe Japan 
Malando Septet The complete Malando the luxe  2 x cd  Japan
Mamas and the Papas The papas and the mamas  
Maria Mena Cause and Effect 2008 Eu
Maria Mena Apparently unaffected 2005-Eu
Marianne Faithfull The very best of Marianne Faithfull 1987 - Gbr / Eu 
Marillion A singles collection 1992 - Eu
Marillion Holidays in Eden 1991 - Europa
Mark Knopfler Wag the Dog 1998-Eu
Mark Knopfler Sailing to Philadelphia 2000 - Europa
Mark Knopfler/ Chet Atkins Neck and neck 1991-Eu
Mars Volta The De loused in the Comatorium 2003 - USA
Marvin Gaye What's going on  
Marvin Gaye MG is 60 - a tribute album  
Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing 2 x cd 2006 - Europa
Mary Coughlan Under the influence 1987 - Dld 
Mastodon Crack the Skye rock
Mathilde Santing To others to one 1999 - Nld
Mathilde Santing and the Osoul 13 To thers to one 1999 - Nld 
Max Folmer The Heelstone 1990 - Nld 
Maywood Late at night 1993 - Nld 
Meeting The Update 1995 - Gbr
Melanie Moments from my life 2002
Melanie The very best of Melanie  
Metal Molly Surgery for Zebra 1995 - Nld
Michael Jackson Off the Wall  
Michael Jackson Remember the time  cd single 1991
Michael Jackson Greatest Hits  History volume 1 2001  
Michael Jackson Bad 1994 Oostr
Mighty Sparrow & Byron Lee Only a fool 1993-Portugal
Mike and the Mechanics Word of Mouth 1991 - Eu 
Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells II  
Mike Oldfield Earth Moving 1989 - Eu 
Miles Davis Birth of the Cool - Boek en Cd 2011-Nld
Miles Davis Kind of blue 2001 - Europa 
Miles Davis TUTU 1986 - Dld
Milos Forman Amadeus  2 x cd Frankrijk
Mink Deville Greatest Hits 1996 - Eu
Mission  The Carved in Sand 1990-Eu
Mission The Carved in Sand  1990 - Eu  
Moby I like to score  
MOBY 18. 2002 - Europa
Moke Skorland  
Monkees The Monkees Greatest Hits Eu
Moody Blues Songs in White Satin   
Mud Dynamite  
MUD The night has 1000 eyes 1993-Dld
Mumford & Sons Babel 2012 - Eu 
Mungo Jerry In the summertime  Nld 
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade Goth rock Punk
Natalia Imbruglia Counting down the days  
Neil Diamond The Ultimate Collection  2 x cd 1996 - Europa 
Neil Sedaka The very best of Neil Sedaka 1991 - Nld 
Neil Young Harvest 2x
Neil Young Harvest Moon 1992 - Europa
Neil Young Harvest Europa
Nelly  = 2 x cd Sweat Suit - niet bij discogs te vinden  
Nelly Furtado Loose 2007 2 x cd Tour Exp?   
Nena Definitive Collection  1996 - Eu
Neptunes The Neptunes presents …clones 2 x cd 2003 - Eu
Neville Brothers Greatest Hits 1988 - Gbr
Neville Marriner Amadeus  2 x cd 1984 - Fr 
Night Wish Wishmaster progrock
Nina Hagen Nina Hagen Band Dld
Nina Hagen Street 1991 - Dld 
Nina Simone Greatest Hits  
Nina Simone 28 great songs  2 x cd  
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine  
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile  2 x cd  
Nits the   URK   2 x cd  
Nobody Beats The Drum Nobody Beats The Drum 2003 - Nld
Noctophyle Black Trip 2007 -Gbr
Nomad Changing Cabins  1991 - België 
Nothing Hillbillies Missing...Presumed having a good time 1990 - Eu
Nothing Hillbillies Missing - presumed having a good time 1990 - Eu
NovaStar Another Lonely Soul  
Novastar Almost Bangor 2008 - Blg
Offspring The The Offspring  
One Direction Up all night!  
One Direction Take me home  2012
ORB U.F.ORB 1992-Eu
Orb The The Orb Live  2 x cd 1993 - Eu
Oscar Peterson Jazz Masters 16 1994 - USA 
Outhere Brothers 1.Polish 2. Biscuits and a fish sandwich 1994 - Dld
Paladins Let's buzz   ( rockabilly) 1990 - USA 
Pantera Cowboys from hell 1990 - Europa
Paul de Leeuw ParaCDmol  2 x cd 1994 - Nld 
Paul McCartney Flowers in the dirt  
Paul Potts Passione 2009 - Gbr
Paul Simon Shining like a national guitar - best of  
Paul Simon You're the one 2000 - Eu
Paul Simon Shining like a national guitar - gr hits Eu 
Paul Simon Graceland 1986 - Europa 
Payback & SOS New league of Hardcore vol 5 2002 - België
Pearl Jam Alive cd single 1991 - Eu 
Pearl Jam Vs.   Oranje 1993 - Europa 
Pebbles Always 1990 - USA
Percy Sledge When a man loves a woman 1995-Dld
Percy Sledge Greatest hits of Percy Sledge Frankrijk
Pet Shop Boys Introspective  1987-Gbr  
Pet Shop Boys Discography 1991 - Eu 
Pet Shop Boys Very 1993 - Gbr 
Peter and his Rockets  Kom van dat dak af  1998 - Nld   
Peter Cetera Solitude/ Solitaire 1986- Eu
Peter Cetera You're the inspiration - a collection 1997 - USA
Peter Gabriel So  
Peter Gabriël Passion   1989 - Eu
Petula Clark Love Songs 1988-Gbr
Phil Collins Going back  2010-Eu
Phuuk Junkeez Injected 1995 - USA 
Physical fatness Fat music volume 3 - poprock 1997 - USA
Pia Beck The best of Pia 1988 - Dld
Pigeon Detectives Wait for me - Indie rock 2007 - Europa
Pigeon Detectives Emergency - Indie rock 2008 - Europa
Pink Swords One night high 2004 - USA
Pink Swords Shut up & Take it  ( punk) 2005 - USA
Pinkfloyd  The Division Bell 1994 - Eu
Poema's  de De best of de Poema's  2003-Nld
Pointer Sisters The Collection 1992-Oostenrijk
Pointer Sisters Hot together 1986-USA/Japan
Pointer Sisters Contact 1987 - Australië
Poison Swallow this live 1991-Eu
Police  The Greatest Hits  Remastered 1996 - Eu
Police The Greatest Hits  1992-Eu
Police The Greatest hits    1992 - Frankrijk
Postmen Revival  
Primus Frizzle Grey 1990-Gbr
Prince Controversy       
Prince Purple Rain Dld
Prince That future remix  cd single  1990-Eu
Prince Batman - Motion Picture Soundtrack 1989 - Eu 
Prince Purple Rain Dld
Prince Diamonds and Pearls 1991 - Europa
Prince Lovesexy 1988 - Europa
Prince   The very best of Prince 2001 - Eu
Prince & the new power G Diamonds and pearls 1991 - USA
Prince and the Revolution Purple Rain Dld 
PULP Intro - the Gift Recordings 1995 - Eu
Queen The Miracle nakijken welke er nog is
Queen Made In Heaven  
Queen Greatest Hits 1994 - Nld
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the deaf Eu
Quincy Jones Back on the block 1989 - Eu
Radiohead Kid A 2000-Eu
Ramblers Farewell Blues  1993 - Nld 
Ramblers The Hilversum Expres 1990-Nld
Ray Charles The definite Ray Charles 2x cd  
Ray Charles The genius sings the blues  
Ray Charles The very best of  
Red Devils King King 1991-Eu
REM The best of REM In Time 1988 -2003 2003 - Eu 
Rene Froger Live in Concert  2 x cd 1995 - Nld 
Rhythm Sound Machine Rsound Machine met Hans Dulfer 2002-Nld 
Rifles The Greeat Escape - Indie rock 2009 - Gbr
Rihanna Loud  
Rise Against The sufferer & the Witness 2006 - USA
Rita Reys Anthology   1999 - Nld Jazz
Rita Reys Summertime 2000 - Nld
Rob Base & DJE Rock It takes two 1988 - USA
Rob de Nijs Malle Babbe 1998 - Nld 
Rob de Nijs Compleet 1989 - Nld 
Rob de Nijs Compleet 1989 - Nld 
Robbie Williams Take the Crown 2012- Eu
Robert Cray Strong Persuader 1980-Dld
Robert Cray Band Don't be afraid in the dark  
Robert Miles Dreamland 1996 - Nld/ België
Robert Palmer Addictions volume 1 Eu
Rod Stewart The best of   
Roger Waters The Wall 2 x cd 1990 - USA
Roland Santé  Feng Shui - music for the harmonious spirit 2004- Nld
Rolling Stones Stripped  2 x cd 1995 - Eu
Rosenberg Trio Gypsy swing  
Rowwen Hèze Vandaag 2000-Nld 
Rowwen Hèze t Beste van 2 werelden 2 x cd 1999 - Nld 
Roxette Tourism 1992 - Eu
Roxy Music Avalon  
Roxy Music Siren  
Roy Orbison All time greatest hits 1986 - België
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Beatles Classics  
Rozalla Everybody's free 1992 - België
Rufus Kain Jong Lezen Nld
Rush Counterparts Progrock
Ruud van Steen Shine like a pearl  2 x cd 2000 - Nld 
Ry Cooder Bop till you drop  Dld
Ry Cooder Get Rhythm 1987 - Europa
Ryan Adams Gold 2001 - Eu 
Sade Best of  1991 -Gbr
Sade Promise Europa
Sade Love Deluxe 1992 - Eu 
Sade Lovers Rock 2000- Europa
Salt 'n Pepa The greatest hits 1991 - Eu 
Sam & Dave Sweet Soul Music  
Sander Vos Delfts Roze 2001 - Nld 
Sandie Shaw Always something there to remind me  
Sandra van Nieuwland And More 2012 - Nld 
Santana Food for thought 2004 - Europa 
Sara Moule It's a nice thought  
Sarah Brightman La luna  
Scorpions Hot and slow - Best of Ballads 1991-Dld
Scorpions Face the Heat 1993 - Eu
Script  The # 3 2012 - Eu 
Searchers The Searchers 1991 - Eu
Sepultura Ratamahatta cd single 1996 - Nld
Shabba Ranks As raw as ever 1991 - Eu
Shabba Ranks Rough and ready vol 1 1992 - USA
Shadows Fall You are listening  to  
Shangri Las Leader of the pack 2x
Shania Twain For the love of him 2001-Eu
Shantel Disko Partizani  
Sheryl Crow Tuesday night music club 1993 - Eu
Shirley Bassey The Singles  1988-Gbr
Shostakovich, Chailly  The Jazz Album 1999 - Eu 
Simian Chemistry is what we are  ( Indie) 2001 - Europa 
Sister Sledge We are family 2 x cd  
Skunk Anansi Post Orgasmic Chill  
Slipknot Vol 3 The Subliminal Versions USA
Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream 1993 - Europa 
SNAP The madman's return 1992 - Dld
SNAP World Power 1990 - Eu
SNAP Snap! Attack the best of 1996 - Dld 
Snow Patrol 2 for 1 - Eyes open & Final Straw 2009 - Nld 
Social Distortion Social Distortion  ( punk) 1990 - USA
SOIL Scars 2002 - Eu
Soundgarden Superunknown 1994 - US, UK en Eu
Soundgarden Down on the upside 1996 - Europa 
Space 2000 Plays the music of Vangelis  
Spencer Davis Group Keep on running 2000-Dld
Spijkers Spijkers   promo cd  
Split Enz Strranger than fiction 1997 - Nld
St Germain Tourist 2000 - Eu
Steelheart Steelheart 1990-USA
Steely Dan Berry Town  ( 1985)   
Steely Dan The Root of Steely Dan 1999 - Gbr
Steve Winwood About time 2003- Eu
Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood 1999 - Europa 
Stevie V Adventures of Stevie V 1990 - Eu
Stevie Wonder Song review - a greatest hits collection 1996 - Europa 
Sting Nothing like the sun  
Stone Temple Pilots No 4   ( grunge) 1999 - Europa 
Strange Boys Be Brave - garage rock 2010 - Gbr
Stranglers All live and all of the night punk
Style Council Live Home & Abroad  
STYX Boat on the river  
Supertramp The very best of  4x
Supertramp Free as a bird    1987 - Dld  
Supertramp EIIQM Europa
SWV = Sisters With Voices Downtown/ Right here  Maxi single 1993 - USA
Sybil Sybil 1989 - Nld
Sydney Youngblood Feeling Free 1989 - Gbr 
Take That Progressed  2 x cd  2011 - Gbr
Talk Talk The Collection  2000 - Nld   
Talk Talk  It's my life 1984-Dld
Temptations Motown's Greatest Hits 1992 - Eu
Temptations Get ready 2002 - Europa 
Ten Sharp Everything and more 2000-Oostenrijk
The La's There she goes  maxi single  1990 - Eu
Third Day Live Revelations  cd en dvd rock
Thirdeyeblind Thirdeyeblind - grunge 1997 - Europa
Tim Hardin Reason to believe  
Tina Turner Break every rule 2x
TLC Crazy, Sexy, Cool  2 x cd  1995 Dld hiphop
Tod Rundgren Nearly Human  1989 - USA  
Tom Jones Kiss 1995-Gbr
Tom Waits Closing time 1999 - Eu
Tony Joe White Best of Tony Joe White 1993 - Eu
Tony Scott Expressions from the soul 1991 - Nld 
Tony, Toni, Toné Sons of soul 1993 - Eu
TOTO The seventh one  
Toto Toto IV 1982 -Eu
Toto Isolation 1984-Nld
Tracy Chapman Crossroads 1989 - USA
Tragically Hip the  Day for night ( alternatieve rock) 1994 - Europa
Trini Lopez Collection 20 greatest hits Frankrijk
U2 Rattle and Hum 2x
U2 No line on the horizon 2009 - Europa
U2 Achtung baby 1991 - Gbr 
U2 The Joshua Tree Dld 
U2 The best of 1980 -1990 Special E 2 x cd 1998 - Europa 
UB 40 The best of UB 40 volume 1 1987 - Gbr
Underworld Second toughest in the Infants  2 x cd 1996 - Eu
Underworld Dubnobasswithmyheadman 1998 - Gbr 
Underworld A Hundred days off 2002 - Europa
Underworld  Everything, everything 2000-Eu
Underworld  Dirty Epic/ Cowgirl  1994-USA
Urban Dance Squad Life 'n perspectives of a genuine crossover 1991 - Eu 
Urban Dance Squad Mental Floss for the Glob Eu 
USUF ( Donovan) An other cup 2006 - Europa 
Van Dik Hout 4 weken 1995 - Nld 
Van Dyke Parks Tokyo Rose  1989 USA
Van Halen 1984. Dld
Van Morrison ( Them) The best of Van Morrison 1990 - Europa
VandenBerg Best of Vandenberg hardrock
Vangelis Antarctica  
Vangelis 1492.  
VanVelzen Unwind 3x
Vapors The best of the Vapors punk  
Voicst A tale of two devils indierock
Volumia Wakker 2x
Walker Brothers Greatest Hits 1996 - Nld 
Walker Brothers & Scott W The best of  
Walker Brothers The Anthology  
Walter Trout Band Transition 1992 - Europa
Weather Report Heavy Weather  
Whiskey rebels Create or die Punkrock
Whitney Houston Best Ballads  1996 - Eu  
Whitney Houston The body guard 1993 - Dld 
Whitney Houston The greatest hits 2 x cd 2000 - Europa 
Whitney Houston  Whitney Houston - The Greatest Hits  2 x cd  
Who The Tommy Uk/ Eu
Willie Nelson Always on my mind  2 x cd 1995 - Denemarken
Willy (Mink) DeVille Loup Garou  
Wings At the speed of sound  
Working Week Payday Gbr
Wynton Marsalis The Sound Of Jazz 1994 - Eu
Xander de Buisonjé Uit liefde 2010 - Nld 
Xavier Cugat Selection  2 x cd  1999
XX The XX 2009 - Eu
Yes Highlights!  
Zarah Leander Kann der Liebe Sunde sein 1997 - Dld
Zdiverse Artiesten Hormomen op hol 2 x cd 40 Ned.Popklassiekers  
Zdiverse Artiesten Global Sounds  2 x cd  
Zdiverse Artiesten Rcok & Roll 2007 Revolver   
Zdiverse Artiesten Manic Revolver  
Zdiverse Artiesten Gabberdome nr 5   2 x cd    
Zdiverse Artiesten Global Sounds  2 x cd 2005 1 x cd , 1 x dvd  
Zdiverse Artiesten The songs of L Cohen Covered - Mojo   
Zdiverse Artiesten Pinkpop 2001  
Zdiverse Artiesten Pop in je Moerstaal   2 x cd   1994 - Nld 
Zdiversen Music that Insprired Buena Vista SC  2x cd 2009-Gbr
Zdiversen The world's greatest Pink Floyd Tribute  
Zdiversen Shared V 2 The S of the Rolling Stones 1996 - USA
Zdiversen The History of Jazz  2 x cd 1994-Nld
Zdiversen Timetrip  5 x cd  1996-Nld 
Zdiversen 20 Nederpophits uit de jaren 60 deel 2 1988 - Nld
Zdiversen West Side Story Celebrating 50th Ann. 1998 - Oost
Zdiversen Oreade New Age Music vol. 3 1992 - Nld 
Zdiversen Memories are made of hits  2 x cd 50 ties 1988 - Gbr
Zdiversen The boogie woogie 1988 - Eu
Zdiversen Tour of Duty 3 1991 - Nld 
Zdiversen Timeless taste of Jazz Nld
Zdiversen Ska is the limit ( Specials, Selecter e.a.) 1997 - Nld 
Zdiversen British Blues Heroes - John Mayall/Friends 1990 - Nld
Zdiversen The hitsound of Motown  2 x cd 1994 - Nld
Zdiversen Mega dance top 50 1996  3 x cd 1996 - Nld 
Zdiversen The lights go down 2005 - Gbr
Zdiversen Lazee Days 2005 Gbr
Zdiversen Gentle on your mind 2005 - Gbr 
Zdiversen Buddy Holly Live 1995 - Gbr
Zdiversen Dance Classics volume 3 1988 - Benelux
Zdiversen Jazzanova Blue note Trip  2 x cd 2005 - Nld 
Zdiversen  Explosive Car Tuning 10  2 x cd 2006-België
Zdiversen  Explosive Car Tuning 11  2 x cd 2006-België
Zdiversen  Explosive Car Tuning 18  2 x cd 2008- België
Zdiversen  Explosive Car Tuning 9   2 x cd 2005-België
Zdiversen  Hardtek   2 x cd 2006-Nld
Zdiversen  Extravaganza Dance  2 x cd 2001-Nld 
Zdiversen  History of Expl. Car Tuning 2 x cd  2006-Nld 
Zdiversen  The Best of Reggae  3 x cd  
Zdiversen  The Blues - A real summit meeting 1988
Zombies Zombies  
ZZ Top Gimme all your lovin'   1997 - Nld